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What is bioavailability?

The effectiveness of supplements depends on the bioavailability of the nutrients that compose them. If the active ingredients are difficult for the body to absorb, a large proportion of the ingredients ingested will be lost through urinary excretion. Therefore, even though the amounts on the label may seem large at first glance, only a small portion actually reaches where it is needed in the body. At FISHER, we carefully select the most bioavailable forms of each active ingredient. This means that the difference between the amounts indicated on the packaging and the amounts your body actually absorbs is very small.

Natural and healthy products

Product quality and safety are keywords for FISHER. That’s why we always look for the most natural forms of ingredients. Because children deserve the best, we use natural fruit extracts such as organic agave syrup. When vitamins are available in both natural and synthetic forms, we always choose the natural form. Controversial ingredients such as titanium dioxide, which can be carcinogenic, are deliberately avoided. In addition, all our products are GMO-free. The result? Happy and healthy children!

Optimal synergies and dosages according to European recommendations

It is important to provide the body with vitamins and minerals according to its needs, and these change as the children grow. That’s why, based on European recommendations, we have established specific dosages for children that are completely safe. After all, an excess of vitamins and minerals is just as harmful as a deficiency. Furthermore, FISHER KINDER ensures optimal synergy between the different ingredients. Some nutrients directly influence the absorption of other ingredients. For example, copper contributes to the transportation of iron throughout the body. By choosing the best synergies, the best formulas are created to achieve fast and effective results

Opting for the strictest pharmaceutical standards

Supplements do not have to be produced in pharmaceutical laboratories. At FISHER, however, we believe that safety is essential. So, we produce all our food supplements in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified laboratories, i.e., pharmaceutical laboratories with the highest possible safety standards. In addition to top quality, these standards also guarantee optimal safety. Quality controls are carried out throughout the manufacturing process, from the selection of the active ingredients to the validation of the final product.

UNICEF estimates that 19% of Western European children under the age of five suffer from an invisible form of malnutrition. This means that these children lack essential vitamins or micronutrients (UNICEF, 2019).

FISHER KINDER offers the best formulas to avoid deficiencies in essential nutrients.

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