Natural supplements for

Natural supplements for

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A high-quality natural supplement range for your growing children, with adjusted dosages in line with a balanced diet

For healthy, perfect growth with optimum energy levels

During childhood, children learn a lot through discovery, innocent mischief and going to school – all activities that require a lot of energy! To optimally accompany your children in this phase of life, a healthy and balanced daily diet is of paramount importance. In addition, their immunity is not yet fully developed, and, for certain periods, specific nutrients are needed that may not be sufficiently present in the diet. In order for your children to develop to their full potential, we have designed the FISHER KINDER range that provides daily support.

A delicious fruit flavour to delight children’s taste buds

The FISHER KINDER range consists of specially formulated syrups so that your children do not have to cry in the morning because “it doesn’t taste good”! Our products contain a blend of organic agave syrup and natural fruit flavours (orange, banana, peach) with no added sugars. This combination results in products with a delicious, fruity taste that your children will recognise and love. Just one spoonful at the start of the day, and that’s it. You can set your mind at ease.


A selection of active and effective ingredients that are particularly well absorbed by the body

Fruit-flavoured syrups, easy for children to take… and energy-saving for the parents 🙂

Organic agave syrup and natural flavours

Produced in France

Dosages according to European recommendations

Compliance with the strictest quality standards (pharmaceutical GMP standards)


No added sugars

No artificial flavourings No colours

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